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How to shop

Sale of firearms

  • It is illegal to sell firearms, firearm main parts, ammunition, primers and gunpowder via internet, in these cases our online shop figures as reservation system only, any sale is based on personal pickup only, it is no way possible to use postal services. All legal requirements must be met - for personal pickup of C category firearms, ammunition, primers and gunpowder valid gun license is needed, for personal pickup of A and B category firearms the purchase license is needed in addition.


  • In case you are regular customer of ours or you are our dealer, we strongly recommend signing up. It is easier and faster for and for us.
  • Link for end-user or dealer registration is on the web site on the top, under shopping cart.
  • After filling all information needed, checking privacy policy consent and filling the control code you just need to click “Sign up new user”.

Selection of goods

  • You can search product via full-text search on the top of the site or by choosing desired categories.
  • You can put products into shopping cart by clicking “Add to cart”, you can change the amount of products.
  • Stock availability:
    • In stock - at least one piece of the product is in stock.
    • To be ordered - product is not in stock, we are going to order from producer on periodic basis or on customer's impulse.
    • Out of stock, sold out - products are sold out and possibly never going to be available again.
    • Can't be ordered - military material - these products are displayed only as example what producer can offer, these products we do not sell

Shopping cart

  • You can review your shopping cart content by clicking on the shopping cart icon on the top of the site
  • If requested, you can change the amount of products or delete them, don't forget to click on “Save” button
  • If you need to tell us important information about your order (i.e. you need the order to be sent in one week, not sooner), you can use “Note” bar under shopping cart list
  • If satisfied with your choice, you can proceed by clicking “Finish the order”

Shipping and payment

  • You can choose from shipping methods listed below:
    • Personal pickup at our business address Kloboučnická 1435/24, Praha 4 Nusle, 140 00. Please note we do not have common store, we are online shop and this address is for personal pickup only, we have no products in display cases. We do not have standard business hours and sometimes we are not present, therefore it is very important to contact us (via phone 777 978 542 or email and arrange date and time of your visit.
    • DPD (Czech soil only) - shipping of orders above 5.000,- CZK (approx. € 200,-) and weight under 20 kg is free of charge, in other cases the shipping costs 110,- CZK. You can pay on delivery by cash (free of charge) or by credit/debit card. Please note that credit/debit card payment is charged with 1.5% of the order cost.
    • PPL (Slovak soil only) - shipping of orders above 10.000,- CZK (approx. € 490,-) is free of charge, in other cases shipping costs 300,- CZK (approx. € 12,-), you can pay on delivery by cash or credit/debit card
    • Foreign shipping - we use TNT or EMS services, shipping cost varies by country of delivery

Order completion

  • After choosing delivery method you need to put your delivery informations – name, address, etc. System fills those automatically when you are signed in. Then proceed.
  • Please check your order and all given informations and after checking “Privacy policy” box you can click on “I agree with terms & conditions placing the order”

Order states

  • You will be informed via e-mail about every important change to you order
  • After order confirmation one of our admins will take care of your order, you will receive contact phone number of your admin in case of need to specify order, ask a question, etc.
  • Next step is expedition via postal services or demand for payment (personal pickup), in that case you will receive payment confirmation, then we need you to call us to determine date and time of your visit (777 978 542)


  • It is a special status that we confirmed your order, but due to stock unavailability we can't finalize it. We have to place new order at the producer and wait for delivery. When the product is available, we will contact you to confirm the order and then proceed with it.
Confirmation of majority

CZE : Následující stránky jsou určeny pro odbornou veřejnost a podnikatele v oboru zbraní a střeliva. Vstupem potvrzuji, že jsem držitelem zbrojního průkazu, či zbrojní licence.

ENG : Following site is intended for professionals and businessmen in the field of firearms and ammunition. By entering I hereby confirm, that I have either firearms passport or gun license in my possession.